Prevent Foundation Failure

One of the best ways to prevent foundation failure is to control the moisture levels around and beneath your home. We have several options depending on your situation. 


Drainage Correction

Poor drainage must be corrected in order to have a stable foundation. Our drainage correction systems are customized to fit your home and needs. Most drainage systems can be completed in one to three days.


Root Barrier

Tree and shrub roots can draw moisture from beneath your foundation and cause it to settle unevenly. They can also cause plumbing leaks and lead to bigger problems. If any trees or large shrubs are near your home, you probably need a root barrier.


Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation is a very effective way to maintain consistent moisture levels around your foundation. When using a drip system for this purpose, it will usually be buried several inches and wrap around the perimeter of your home. It drips slowly and can be adjusted for different seasons. Other advantages include being able to continue watering your foundation during water restrictions and the amount of water you will save compared to sprinkler systems. Drip Irrigation is a preferred method of watering. 


If you have questions or concerns, give us a shout! It might save you thousands!

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